Hidden Gems From Around the World – Foreign Films: 2000-2023

Here’s your opportunity to finally see those great new foreign films. It’s gotten difficult keeping up with non-Hollywood films. Arthouse movie theaters have been disappearing. Viewing options have been shrinking. In this class we’ll catch up with the best new films from around the world. We’ll pick films from France, Germany, The U.K., Austria, Romania, and some great new South Korean films. Following the films we’ll have informal discussions, learning about the culture, the art, the business, and history, of each film. No silent films. No trendy hyper-violent films. No dreadful four-hour movies of sad-looking Swedish people. None of those terrible Italian sex comedies from 1964. All will be in color, made in the past 20 years. Some will be in English. The rest will have subtitles. Here is a preliminary list of some films I’m considering for this class. Arrangements for viewing the films are through a private Internet streaming service.

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